Architects are in an increasingly better mood and predict market stabilization in 2024

19 / 04 / 2024
54% of architects (an increase of 6 percentage points) assess the market situation of their architectural office positively and 45% predict that the demand for the services of architectural offices in 2024 will be at the same level as in 2023. The respondents' opinions are divided as to the prices of architectural services in the coming year. We encourage you to read a short report from this survey.

Eco-conscious buyers don't give in to inflation!

06 / 02 / 2024
Once more in January 2024, we turned to Polish citizens to inquire about how often they reach for eco-labeled goods. Analyzing the declared frequency of purchasing such products, we identified the most committed group of eco-conscious individuals. This segment, comprising over 8% of the market share, did not change significantly compared to our prior survey in August 2022. However, there has been a noticeable rise in the proportion of surveyed Polish residents who never choose to buy eco-friendly products. We invite you to take a look at the detailed results of our survey.

Bathtub or shower, what do Poles prefer?

29 / 03 / 2023
31% of adult residents of Poland currently have both a bathtub and a shower cabin in their apartment, but when asked about the solution they would choose when renovating their bathroom in the next five years, as many as 53% indicate that they would choose both a bathtub and a shower cabin. Significantly more women than men plan to equip their bathroom with both a bathtub and a shower cabin. A greater percentage of men indicate that when planning a bathroom renovation, they will decide to buy only a shower cabin. We invite you to read a short report from this survey

Could stagflation be looming in the roofing services market in 2023?

03 / 03 / 2023
As many as 56% of the surveyed roofing companies expect a decrease in demand for their services in 2023 - this is the highest level of this indicator in the last 10 years. At the same time, 40% of the surveyed roofers believe that the prices of roofing services will continue to increase this year - these are the results of the latest survey "Roofers' Moods 2023", carried out as part of the mood barometer of this industry group - a project that we have been implementing since 2011.

The architects' optimism index has fallen to 50%

01 / 12 / 2022
In October 2022, as part of the OMNIBUD project (cyclical research of the construction industry in Poland), we asked architects about the assessment of the market situation of their architectural firm. The mood of architects has deteriorated compared to the previous edition of the survey (October 2021), which was certainly influenced by the weakening of construction boom and the related uncertainty about the further economic situation. Despite this, 50% of the surveyed architects assess the current market situation of their firm as very good or rather good (compared to 61% a year ago). The percentage of the respondents who assess the position of their firm on the market as neither good nor bad has increased significantly (from 31% to 39%).

Is 2022 the beginning of stagnation on the roofing services market?

31 / 03 / 2022
40% of roofers predict that in 2022 there will be the same demand for their services as last year, and 32% expect a decline in demand, which may mean the beginning of stagnation on the roofing services market. As many as 70% of respondents forecast that the prices of services in this market will increase in 2022 - according to the report "The moods of roofers 2022", published by BCMM - marketing research.

Architects have never been in such high spirits!

30 / 03 / 2022
As many as 61% of architects assess the market situation of their architectural office as good or very good – according to the latest survey we conducted in October 2021. This is the highest percentage in the history of measurements conducted by BCMM.

Roofers' attitude - roofing service prices up!

31 / 03 / 2021
A dominant group of roofers (49%) expect the same demand for their services in 2021 as last year, and more than half (54%) expect prices in the roofing market to rise this year.

Construction law amendment - will it improve the investment process?

31 / 10 / 2020
On 19 September 2020, an amendment to the Construction Law came into force, the main objective of which was to reduce bureaucracy, simplify and accelerate the investment and construction process and increase the stability of decisions made in this process.